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Hymns CD Hymns Royalty Free Music License Summary
License:Synchronization License
Performance License
Studio License
Licensee:One Person or One Business Location
Duration: Lifetime of Person or Business - Non-Transferable
Location:Any Project Worldwide with Budget under $10 Million
Cost: No Additional Fees for Each Use of Music
Music UsageLicensed
Telephone On-Hold with or without Voiceover Yes
Background Music in Restaurant, Store, Elevator Yes
Broadcast TV - Radio Advertising & Programming Yes
Video, Multimedia, Flash, Slides, Narration, Advertising Yes
Movies, TV Productions, Radio with Voiceover Yes
Web Video Background Music - Web Sites, UTube, FaceBook Yes
Web Site Background Music - Music Must Be Embedded Yes
Background Music DVD/CD Video Distribution or Sale Yes
Background Music CDs with Voiceover for Distribution or Sale Yes
Products for Sale (Dolls, Toys, Games) - Up to 5,000 Units Yes
Kiosks, Closed Circuit Television Yes
Public Service Announcements TV/Radio with Voiceover Yes
Live Business Presentations Yes
Live Performance Singing Yes*
Add Singing, Rap Verse, or Instruments Yes*
Create Recordings with Singing or Rap Verse for Sale Yes*
Theatrical Screens or Stages Yes*
Video Games, Computer Games No
Sampling, Samplers, Loops No
Cell Phone Ring Tones No
Distribute Unmodified Tracks Never
Sell Unmodified Tracks Never
Allow Download of Unmodified Tracks from Website Never
Ownership of Music Tracks Never
* Composer Credit Required

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