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The Public Domain Information Project was organized in 1986 to provide information about public domain music.  We provide carefully researched lists of Public Domain Music titles, PD Sheet Music Reprints and PD Sheet Music Books.  We are proud to offer the Music2Hues and Sound Ideas professional Royalty Free Music Libraries on CD and for Download.  PD Reference Materials, Digital PD Sheet Music on CD, and additional Royalty Free Sound Recordings by a carefully selected group of independent musicians are also found on this website.

PD Info was started in 1986 by Marji Hazen and a group of Folk Singers in Ashland, Ohio. The first PD Info web site was posted on the web in 1996, so we have been around way longer than Google!  Haven Sound, Inc. brought PD Info to Atlanta in 1999.  Our facility includes a professional recording studio and audio-post facility, a significant library of public domain music, and print-on-demand systems for publishing PD sheet music and royalty free sound recordings.  Our expertise includes sound engineering, audio post engineering, public domain music research,  rare book preservation, and more web programming experience than any bunch of musicians ever ought to have to do.

PD Info started out working with independent artists and filmmakers.  But the pros quickly recognized quality work at great prices, and our products and services are found virtually anywhere you find commercial music.

  • We Are Pleased That Our Clients Include:
  • MTV - BBC - CBS News - Food Network - CNN
  • Boeing - DuPont - Yamaha - Nintendo - Best Buy - IBM
  • National Geographic Society - Harper's Magazine - Miami Herald
  • KVET Radio - WNAH Radio - WGBH-TV - KRMA-TV
  • US Naval Academy - Army Research Laboratory - Air National Guard
  • Harvard Business School - Stanford University - UVA Law Library
  • Attorneys - Recording Artists - Theatre Groups - Music Publishers
  • . . and lots of just plain people who need music for their project

Whatever your budget may be, we promise to do our best to find precisely the right music and sound for your project.

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