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IMPORTANT: This list is based on USA Copyright Law and is intended only as a help in researching public domain music. This list is NOT sufficient documentation that music is in the Public Domain. To prove PD status in the USA, you MUST find a published copy of the song with a copyright date of 1924 or earlier. Our PD Sheet Music Reprints are exact reprints of books and sheet music published in 1924 or earlier and include music, lyrics, and complete original copyright information. Some of these songs may not be PD in countries other than the USA.

 TitleV=Verse   C=Chorus   N=Note   P=Production
w=Words   m=Music
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Songs are on this PD list if we have a pre-1925 PD sheet music publication in our library AND if anyone has asked about PD status of the song in the past 20 years.
Ye Fair Green Hills Of Galilee
1899 - Conder, E. R. V - Ye fair green hills of Galilee PD Reprint
Ye Holy Angels Bright
1835 - Baxter, Richard V - Ye holy angels bright PD Reprint
Ye Loiterers In The Market Place
1903 - Loucks, Effie Wells V - Ye loiterers in the market place C - Come forth, come forth, the Master's call obey PD Reprint
Ye Must Be Born Again
1878 - Sleeper, William T. V - A ruler once came to Jesus by C - Ye must be born again D - Canadian hymnals (general) PD Reprint
Ye Shall Know, O Word Of Blessing
1896 - Whittle, D. W. V - Ye shall know, O word of blessing C - At that day ye shall know PD Reprint
Ye Soldiers Of The Cross, Why Should Ye Doubt
1922 - Seibert, Gertrude W V - Ye soldiers of the cross, Why should ye doubt C - Stand firm, be not afraid PD Reprint
Ye Toilers For Jesus, Be Earnest Today
1898 - Hoffman, Elisha Albright V - Ye toilers for Jesus, be earnest today C - Toil patiently on PD Reprint
Ye Trembling Captives, Hear The Gospel Trumpet Sounds
1831 - Boyce, Samuel V - Ye trembling captives, hear The gospel trumpet sounds C - I'm glad salvation's free D - Baptist hymnals (general) PD Reprint
Ye Who My Redeemer Know
1891 - Mills, Abbie V - Ye who my Redeemer know C - Sing with me PD Reprint
Ye Who The Name Of Jesus Bear
1831 - V - Ye who the name of Jesus bear D - United Church of Canada. Congregational churches PD Reprint
Ye Would Not
1916 - Chisholm, Thomas O. V - All day long hath God invited C - Ah, what reason PD Reprint
The Year Of Jubilee
1774 - Wesley, Charles V - Blow ye the trumpet, blow C - The year of jubilee has come D - Seventh-Day Baptist General Conference PD Reprint
Yes He Will
1908 - Eastwood, T. M. V - When our earthly toils are over PD Reprint
Yes I'll Sing The Wondrous Story
1887 - Rowley, Francis H. V - I will sing the wondrous story, of the Christ C - Yes, I'll sing the wondrous story PD Reprint
Yes, I Will Rejoice, Rejoice In The Lord
1852 - Hudson, Ralph E. V - Yes, I will rejoice, rejoice in the Lord PD Reprint
Yes, The Lord Can Depend On Me
1908 - Yale, Elsie Duncan V - There are fields that to harvest are white C - Yes, the Lord can depend on me PD Reprint
Yet There Is Room, The Lamb's Bright Hall Of Song
1875 - Bonar, Horatius V - Yet there is room, the Lamb's bright hall of song C - Room, room, yet there is room D - Presbyterian Church in the US, 1861- . Southern Presbyterians PD Reprint
Yield To Him Now
1908 - Chapman, J. Wilbur V - The Savior has died to redeem you C - Yield to him now PD Reprint
Yielding My All To The Service Of Jesus
1916 - Tullar, Grant Colfax V - Yielding my all to the service of Jesus C - Yielding to Jesus PD Reprint
You Can Be A Blessing While On Earth You Dwell
1908 - Jackson, Maud Frazer V - You can be a blessing while on earth you dwell C - You can be a blessing if you only try PD Reprint
You Can Be Saved Tonight
1828 - Reed, Eliza V - O do not let the Word depart, and close thine eyes C - Why not, why not, There's danger in delay D - National Baptist Convention of America PD Reprint
You Can Have The Pentecost Now
1913 - Hewitt, Eliza E. V - God's almighty power is the same this hour C - You can have the Pentecost now PD Reprint
You Can Shine
1908 - Pierce, David Rand V - Though like others, you're not gifted, You can shine C - When your heart with love is glowing PD Reprint
A You Can Trust Him
1891 - Tullar, Grant Colfax V - Jesus is a Friend indeed C - Trust him, only trust PD Reprint
You Could Not Help Loving My Savior
1911 - Martin, Civilla D. V - You could not help loving my Savior C - If you but knew the compassion PD Reprint
You Have A Friend Would Bless Your Soul Today
1899 - Breck, Carrie E. V - You have a friend would bless your soul today PD Reprint
You In Your Little Corner
1834 - Warner, Susan V - Jesus bids us shine with a pure, clear light C - You in your small corner, and I in mine D - Seventh-Day Adventist Church PD Reprint
You Know That You Need The Dear Savior
1914 - Church, Harriet L. V - You know that you need the dear Savior C - Now is the time to decide PD Reprint
You May Have The Joybells Ringing In Your Heart
1899 - Ruark, J. Edward V - You may have the joybells ringing in your heart C - Joybells ringing in your heart PD Reprint
You Won't Find A Man Like Jesus
1918 - V - You may search from sea to sea C - Like Jesus, like Jesus PD Reprint
Young People's Army
1895 - Gabriel, Charles H. V - Long and loud the bugle call is sounding C - March along firm and true PD Reprint
The Young People's Army
1896 - Gabriel, Charles H. V - March along together, firm and true, for lo, the world C - March along together firm and true D - Methodist hymnals (general) PD Reprint
The Young, The Lovely Pass Away
1915 - Follen, Eliza Lee V - The young, the lovely pass away PD Reprint
Your Best Friend Is Always Near
1916 - Allam, Isabel C V - When the shadows round you gather, When the day is long and drear C - Always near, always near, your best Friend is always near PD Reprint
Your Lord And Mine
1908 - Morris, Fred P. V - Who is yonder man of sorrows PD Reprint
The Your Mission
1827 - March, Daniel V - Hark, the voice of Jesus crying Who will go and work today C - Who will answer, here D - Free Will Baptists PD Reprint
Your Mission
1867 - Gates, Ellen M. H. V - If you cannot on the ocean sail among the swiftest fleet PD Reprint
Your Voices Raise With One Accord To Bless And Praise Your Risen Lord
1884 - How, William Walsham V - On wings of living light, At earliest dawn of day C - Your voices, one and all, now raise D - Seventh-Day Adventist Church PD Reprint
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